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Porsche 996 GT3 X-Pipe
Exhaust System (1999-2005), 3.6L
The SpeedTech X-cellerator cross-flow exhaust offers the discerning Porsche enthusiast the ultimate exhaust system with a number of performance and sound options in one complete package.

X-FLOW - Utilizing our unique X-Flow Design, we combine the exhaust pulses from both sides of the Porsche boxer motor with an "X" or "cross-flow" at the center of the system, which results in a scavenge effect to speed the gasses through the system. It also creates a unique, exotic sound that really has to be heard to be truly appreciated.

MODULAR DESIGN - The SpeedTech GT3 X-cellerator Exhaust System includes optional RACE bypass pipes and muffler bypass pipes resulting in 4 possible exhaust configurations:

1) cat w/ muffler
2) cat w/ bypass pipe
3) race w/ muffler
4) race w/ bypass pipe

Our modular design enables quick and easy swaps between the various sound and performance levels. The versatile design is very easy to use and results in extremely quick installation and simple change-overs.

PERFORMANCE - The SpeedTech 996 GT3 X-cellerator cross-flow system reduces approximately 50 pounds of weight (full system w/ cats) vs. Porsche OEM exhaust. Additional weight savings can be realized with use of the use of off road bypass configurations. Whether quicker lap times or straight line speed is your goal, the improved response, additional power and weight savings of this sytem will help yield quicker track times. The SpeedTech free flowing, straight through muffler design, along with proprietary hi-flow “race” catalytic converters will improve the sound and performance of your Porsche GT3. Increased torque and horsepower, faster track and ¼ mile times, better everyday performance and the pronounced engine note will insure an enhanced driving experience for all types of uses.

All components are constructed of T304 stainless steel and our muffler are packed with stainless steel wool for years of trouble free performance, even under extreme use conditions. This is a very well built, top of the line exhaust system for the discriminating enthusiast and a perfect fit for the Porsche GT3.

SOUND - The SpeedTech X-cellerator cross-flow system emits a fantastic note compared to the factory system supplied with the car - our unique X-Flow creates an exotic sound is truly phenomenal to listen to as you lap your car around the track or enjoy a spirited drive.

Please take a moment and view our informational and sound video by clicking the link to the right.

SpeedTech offers a lifetime warranty of manufacturing defectsfor the original owner.

The SpeedTech GT3 X-cellerator system is designed, tested
and manufactured in the USA.
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"I picked up the car this morning. Wow! It sounds amazing! The rear bumper area is also so much cleaner/emptier which equals lighter now. My but-dyno-meter senses the car is much more responsive as well. I can't wait to see what its like when I get it on the track next week in Tremblant".

996 GT3 Complete System - Carm, Ottowa
"Hey John and Chad, just wanted to say I received the exhaust system with expedited shipping just in time for my track day last week and one word to describe the system: AWESOME! love the fit and finish. very solid. anyway, I love it. everything mounts very nice, I love how you put thought in to where the clamps should be positioned, where the o2 sensor bungs are located, how modular the whole thing is for lots of options. It’s a very nice system. Thanks for the expedited shipping, the quality product, very happy. Wish I had pictures. I will probably take some pics and post on Rennlist my impressions and how happy I am :)
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