Performance Exhausts & Accessories
Porsche 997.1 Twin Turbo X-cellerator
Exhaust Systems (2006-2009), 3.6L
2.5"/63mm "Quiet" or 3.0"/76mm "Loud"
The SpeedTech X-cellerator X-Flow exhaust was designed to
offer the discerning Porsche enthusiast the ultimate exhaust
system with a number of performance and sound options in one interchangeable plug and play platform.

CROSSFLOW or X-FLOW DESIGN - By combining the exhaust pulses from both sides of the Porsche boxer motor with an "X" or "cross-flow" at the center of the muffler (internal crossflow design), we have developed a unique, exotic sound that has to be heard to be appreciated. Our trademark sound is well known and highly respected throughout the Porsche aftermarket community.

DESIGN OPTIONS - Our X-cellerator system includes a choice of catalytic converters or catalytic converter bypass pipe options resulting in several possible exhaust configurations such as:
This modular design allows for quick and easy swaps between the various sound and performance levels. The versatile design is very easy to use and offers quick installation and swift swaps.

PERFORMANCE - SpeedTech X-cellerator exhaust systems eliminate approximately 25 pounds of weight (full system w/ cats) compared to the Porsche OEM exhaust. Additional weight

savings can be realized with use of the off road configurations.
Whether lap times or straight line speed is your goal, the weight
savings will help yield quicker track times.

Additionally, our free flowing, straight through design, along with German made HJS Hi-Flow catalytic converters will improve the performance of your Porsche 997TT by enabling extremely quick turbo spool, along with increased torque, higher horsepower and much crisper throttle response! Faster track and ¼ mile times, better everyday performance and the pronounced engine note will provide an enhanced driving experience for all types of uses.

All components are constructed of T304 stainless steel and the
mufflers, when optioned, are packed with stainless steel wool for years of trouble free performance, even under extreme use conditions. This is a very well built, top of the line exhaust system for the discriminating enthusiast and very fitting for the Porsche turbo. And it is completely fabricated in the USA!

TIPS - We offer three tip options in order to appeal to a variety of tastes. Each tip option is pictured to the right. They include:

SOUND - The SpeedTech X-cellerator X-flow system emits a fantastic GT3 type note and is available in several distinct sound levels to suit a variety of tastes and uses:

Please take a moment and listen to our videos below and hear
both systems for yourself.

We offer a lifetime warranty of manufacturing defects for the
original owner.

The SpeedTech X-cellerator is designed, tested and manufactured in the USA .


It is important to note that not all “X-Flow” or “Crossflow” designs are the same - We tested many forms of cross-flow or "X" design exhausts on the 997TT. After extensive testing, we developed what we determined to be the best quality sound quality of all the designs tested. Our final design produced a more refined, tuned quality sound and was best at eliminating unwanted resonance or drone. Our “X-Flow” design is well known and often imitated. We feel that with our innovative and unique proprietary “X” design, we have developed the finest sound available for the Porsche 997 Turbo! Many of our customers agree, which is documented in our extensive testimonials. Our X-cellerator system has been chosen by many of these customers over several competitors in direct testing with many of the competitive systems even costing much more.

There is no substitute for extensive R&D with exhaust design. We know it takes more than designing a "good looking" exhaust to achieve a proper and desirable sound and that's what we do! We test and we tweak, test and tweak repeatedly, until we are happy with the look, sound and performance of the final product that we will offer to our customers.

There are many companies and individuals imitating the SpeedTech X-design principal today, yet none have achieved the sound quality of the SpeedTech exhaust because most are using a combination of improper sized mufflers, off the shelf mufflers or components and then combining it with poor X designs and/or inferior muffler packing materials, inferior imported tubing, etc. The SpeedTech X-Flow muffler is a complete ground up, in-house design that emerged from extensive developmental testing with the goal of designing the best possible exhaust system for the Porsche 997TT. You will never find a SpeedTech 997TT X-cellerator muffler or muffler component selling under another name because we fabricate every system from scratch and none of the components are “off the shelf” or available anywhere else. Even our catalytic converters are hand made in house and are not "off the shelf" units! Many of our competitors systems end up for sale very quickly after purchase and are often replaced with a SpeedTech X-flow system. Having witnessed this many times, our advice is to make a good decision the first time and don’t waste time and money on an inferior designed and poor sounding exhaust system, only to end up replacing it a few months later.

When you purchase a SpeedTech system, you are purchasing a one of a kind, superior sounding and performing exhaust designed by long time Porsche enthusiasts. Rest assured, we are confident that there is no better choice!
Some Important Information about X-Flow Design
Speedtech 2.5 "quiet"
 X-cellerator Exhaust
Pricing & Options
997.1TT 2.5 "Quiet" X-cellerator Exhaust System
200cpi HJS 5" (130 mm) race Hi-Flow catalytic converter cores are at the heart of SpeedTech cats. Our turbo flanges are bored, ported and flow matched to the 997.1TT turbos for maximum performance and optimum spool. These are not "off the shelf" universal cats or cheap import converters, but rather high quality substrates manufactured with special coatings specifically for the Porsche turbo.
SpeedTech/HJS Hi-Flow 200 Cell Catalytic Converters
Our catalytic converters bypass pipes can be substituted for converters during race, track or off-road events where light weight, improved spool, hi-flow, and race fuel are desired. The turbo flanges are bored, ported and flow matched to the 996TT K-Series turbos for maximum performance and quick spool. Fit all X-cellerator systems.
SpeedTech Catalytic Converter Bypass Pipes
Click for
SpeedTech Hi-Flow headers constructed of T304 stainless steel enable additional flow capacity for modified cars. Features include Hi-Flow design, smooth merged collector
and perfect fit for maximum performance and quick spool. Fit all X-cellerator systems.
SpeedTech Headers
130 mm / 5.1" Extra Large HJS Directional Catalytic Converters
Speedtech 3.0 Competition X-Pipe Exhaust w/ Dual 3" Tips
Speedtech Mirror Polished Full 3" Dual Tips
Add a Softronic Tune!
Includes 200cpi HJS race Hi-Flow catalytic converters (3" out), 3" mid-pipes, 2.5” / 63.5mm muffler and outlet pipe for OEM tips, all required hardware, decals and installation instructions. Modular design for ease of use and installation.

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Our twin tips fit the 997.1TT OEM exhaust or any exhaust that uses the OEM tips such as our exhaust fitted with the OEM tip outlets. They are available in your choice of Polished or Black Ceramic finish.
SpeedTech 997.1TT Dual Wall Twin Tips
OEM Replacement
Mirror Polished Twin Tips
997.1 Exhaust
997.2 Exhaust
997 GT3 Exhaust
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SpeedTech 997.1TT 3" Dual Tips
Our 3" true dual tips fit all SpeedTech 997.1TT exhausts. They are available in your choice of brushed, mirror polished or satin black ceramic finish.
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Sound Guarantee
If you purchase any of our 997TT exhaust systems and wish to change the sound level, we will replace the center section with another one of your choice (i.e. 2.5 to 3.0, vice versa, muffler to X-Pipe, etc.) within 30 days of installation. Due to our modular design, all components on this are page plug & play with one another. For no muffler to muffler swaps, the $200 delta in price is charged.

This is our way to help inusre that you are completely satisfied with your SpeedTech purchase!
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997TT 3.0 X-Pipe with cats - Well John you out did yourself with this exhaust. I can not stop smiling. Sounds amazing. I love the way it has a small rumble at idle and then the beast wakes up with the throttle. It's sounds like an exotic car now in my opinion. The best part is the turbo whistle that is now noticeable and loud.

As far as the tune the words of my wife "holy crap that was sexy" as she grabbed my leg to hold on as she was slammed back into her seat.

Eddie, OK.

997.1TT 3.0 catless "RACE" style X-Pipe - Quick update on my Speetech exhaust! I just got my car back on Friday and I would talk about my other upgrades in another thread, BUT WOW THIS EXHASUT IS EVERYTHING I IMAGINED AND MORE!!

I knew I wanted another Speedtech 3" the moment I bought the 997, because of my 996T experience, but I wanted more shriek so I knew I had to go with the mufflerless version. When talking to John he told me that his 3" catless x race version can compete with any Italian exotic out there for sound! At first I thought, "well I know his exhaust transforms the 911 experience based on my previous experience, but compete with Italian exotics!", I knew he was just a little excited. WELL HIS STATEMENT IS TRUE and if I had to do just two mods to my 911 it would be this exact exhaust and flash and call it a day!!

I almost do not even want to record it unless it is getting the full spectrum of sound, because I do not want to rob anything from this piece of art! ....YOU NEED TO HEAR THIS EXHAUST IN PERSON PERIOD, RECORDING WILL NOT TO JUSTICE!

I went to pay my invoice from the Porsche shop (Autowerks) that did the labour so I can pick my car up later that night (as they would be closed). Well sure enough when I fired it up with a little throttle my newly installed ERP LWFW just flew the RPMS up to 4Krpm in a blink of an eye and the sound ....after I settled myself from the glorious sound, I almost wept with joy !! BULLSEYE, BULLSEYE, BULLSEYE it sounded so exotic, the tone, the rasp, THE SHARPNESS AND over all that exotic sound there is always a pronounced turbo whistle!!!....I immediately went against my judgement and HAD TO take the car for a spin...NOT TO FEEL THE POWER, BUT JUST TO HEAR THIS EXUAHST SYSTEM ROLLING!! I really can not explain how this has changed my car! From before I would just take the car out to feel power to now, I find my self just driving to listen and experience the quick revving (LWFW & EVOMS under drive crack pulley) and just listen to this sweet sound!

The shop owner that has heard many, many exhaust systems over the past 20years (in the Porsche world) and quite often costing 2-3 times more said he can not remember a better sounding exhaust, he also had to drive the car from his race shop to his retail shop and said it was so surprised of the lack of resonance & how drivable it was for such a free flowing exhaust system. The shop Service manager said HE HAS NEVER HEARD A 911 SOUND so good before period! He also commented that the quality is up there with those costing 2-3 times more.

I can truly attest to the above statements, it is a exotic sounding system that is loud (you can drive it quiet if need be) and cruise on the highway with out drone! It has all the right sounds that fit a car that cost ($200 000CDN new) and when you wind it up through to 7K it shrieks and barks with a razer sharp sound that send shivers down your spine and A BIG DAMN SMILE ACCROSS YOUR FACE (seriously I had a smile so big driving this car, almost giddy about the sound I was getting out of this flat six, people might of though I was crazy!!)!!

I have had the car for a couple of months and people have took a quick look at the car before (I DO NOT SOLICITE ATTENTION!!), but since I got the car back with this exhaust I have had many unsolicited thumbs up as I have been revving it up in parking lots to get over speed bumps etc. I was at my friends wedding and the groom wanted to get a drive in my car, so he brought his newly wedded wife in the car. When I fired it up with a little throttle, the way the sharp racing note assaulted the air waves, I quickly had many people looking and giving praise of the sound. My friends wife is not into cars like her husband and as soon as we started driving, her first comment is how nice the car sounded!

I personally can not see anyone not getting this exhaust over anything else (my opinion) after hearing it and it mannerisms!! It sound damn exotic, with ALL THE RIGHT SYMPHANY OF SOUNDS & NUANCES, in the back ground you and everyone else is always reminded that it is a TURBO with the pronounced turbo whistle and it is unbelievably street able.

If you want it quieter with out loosing too much of the for-mentioned I can see you doing stock sized tips (I did the FULL 3" DUAL TIPS THAT DO NOT NECK DOWN) OR even his 2.5 version of this. For me the 3" is just DARN PERFECT!! I left my uncles home around 12 at night and I just drove off with sport button off and kept RPMs low without a problem, BUT when I drive my car for 90% of the way I want it is amazing & must be experienced in a 911!

John, I would like to say after years of unparalleled great customer service and creating this piece of art, all I have to say is "BULLSEYE!!"!!!!



I sing Speedtech's praises to anyone that will listen, at local meets and online. I have their 3" catted x-pipe and it is the bomb dot com. No matter how much money you spend on the other 'well known' exhaust brands, you will not beat the Speedtech x-pipe sound or build quality. You're just wasting money for the sake of it at that point. The value of Speedtech's products are unbelievable compared to the other brands at 2x the price.

997TT 3.0 "RACE" X-Pipe - John, Picked the car up this afternoon from my tuner. Had the clutch, cold air, tune, coilovers and the speed tech installed. I cannot find the proper words to describe the violent and intoxicating sounds this exhaust is producing. It sounds 1000% better than I expected. I drove home about 20 miles from my tuner and I almost crashed a couple times from smiling to hard :) Seriously, John. You are a maestro. I lOVE LOVE LOVE the exhaust!
Best, Derek

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Includes 200cpi HJS "directional" 130 mm Hi-Flow catalytic converters (3" out), 3.0” / 76mm X-Pipe (no muffler), full 3" dual tips, all required hardware, decals and installation instructions. Modular design for ease of use and installation. Can be mixed and matched with all SpeedTech 997.1TT components.

3.0 "Competition" X-Pipe Exhaust System - FULL 3"
Click for
John, I thought you were being a little optimistic with that statement ("it will compete with any exotic"), as anything is better than a stock or straight pipe sound, but my friend, YOU WERE NOT JOKING!!
I am so giddy to finish work to just drive home, my friend, it is insane - the tone, shriek up top, the friggen turbo whistling everywhere.... it is intoxicating!!! Well done, good job!!!!
Bobby, Toronto 997TT
Includes 200cpi HJS 130 mm Hi-Flow catalytic converters (3" out), 2.5” / 63mm X-Pipe (no muffler), OEM tip outlets, all required hardware, decals and installation instructions. Modular design for ease of use and installation.

2.5 "Competition" Moderate Sound X-Pipe Exhaust System (Same as above, except 2.5")
SpeedTech 997.1TT OEM Tip Outlet Pipes
These outlets replicate the OEM exhaust, so that any tips designed for the OEM exhaust can be used with our systems, Including our own dual wall, twin tips listed above.
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