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996TT / 2.5 - Satisfied customer :-) Hi John, Sorry for the radio silence over the past few weeks, but I thought I should let you know I've finally had my exhaust fitted, and I'm really pleased with it. It arrived in less than a week in perfect condition. I didn't feel brave enough to tackle the 8 year old bolts and O2 sensors myself, so I had my local specialist fit it, along with sorting out a plethora of boost leaks at the same time. They were very complimentary about the build and fit, had no issues getting it lined up. So now I have a car that sounds like it always should, and it goes like the clappers :-) Thanks for such a great product and service!

Pete, UK

997.1TT - 2.5 “RACE” (catless) - Hi John, The installation was quite simple and was done in about an hour and a half by professionals. The sound is awesome, easily the best sounding 996TT I've ever heard! The sound reminds me of the old air cooled 911's that I had many years ago. The turbos spool up quickly with a fantastic whistle.

I was a bit concerned that the 2.5 "quiet" catless would be too quiet, but my fears were unfounded. The sound level is much louder than I expected, which was a bit of a surprise, but a pleasant one.

Owen, South Africa

997.2TT - X-Pipe (muffler delete) w/ Satin Black Ceramic Coatin - John: I’m very sorry for the delay in this… I had (gratefully) a lot of work to do and no time for my toys…Here is the explanation about what I found with the X pipe: First: excellent quality and fitting in all parts, great welding finish, and ceramic coating in the tube.
Second: very easy to install and good hardware to work with. Third: great weight savings.

The results… as you know my car is a 2010 turbo PDK, with les tan 4000 miles on it. The only mod on it is suspension, and cosmetic, No engine mods at all, everything OEM, I have the OEM cats. Feels to flow much better, the sound is a little bit aggressive than stock, the turbo blow sound is great, addictive, magical I could say…you just see a ssshhhhhhhh passing you by at very high speed.

Rodolpho, Mexico

996 GT3 Complete System - I picked up the car this morning. Wow! It sounds amazing! The rear bumper area is also so much cleaner/emptier which equals lighter now. My but-dyno-meter senses the car is much more responsive as well. I can't wait to see what its like when I get it on the track next week in Tremblant.

Carm, Ottowa

996 X-Pipe w/ Cats - Just a quick note to let you know that I had the x pipe installed today and am very happy with the results. The sound is smooth like silk, and seems to integrate well with the cans. The difference in weight is amazing, I am guessing the weight of your x pipe is less than half of the OE system. Once again, thanks.

Larry, CA

997TT 3.0 catless "RACE" X-Pipe - John, ur exhaust is a BEAST! Loud as hell and so much awesome I can't stop grinning!! I know I feel a bit better throttle response and maybe it's in my head but car feels stronger with ur pipes. Badassery at the highest! The sound is so amazing, got the growl at low/mid rpm but holy shit at three quarter or flat this things SCREAMS! Man I am so glad I made the switch. The install, a BREEZE. Fitting the xpipe up was a cinch, pipes aligned absolutely perfect and straps and bracket were perfect for ease of alignment and tightening down. I left the tips loose until bumper went on and micro adjusted until just right. Anyway, man thanks John for an amazing exhaust and finally, LOUD and sounds like a 911 TT should always have sounded like. Including some pics and of course a couple vids.

Ken M, FL

996 GT3 - Hey john and chad, just wanted to say I received the exhaust system with expedited shipping just in time for my track day last week and one word to describe the system: AWESOME! love the fit and finish. very solid. anyway, I love it. everything mounts very nice, I love how you put thought in to where the clamps should be positioned, where the o2 sensor bungs are located, how modular the whole thing is for lots of options. it’s a very nice system. thanks for the expedited shipping, the quality product, very happy. wish I had pictures. I will probably take some pics and post on rennlist my impressions and how happy I am :)
Elson, WA

996TTS - I recently bought my 996 Turbo S and saw a few posts by John on Rennlist. I sent him a message to simply inquire about the benefits of changing my stock exhaust to a Speedtech. John responded immediately and was both extremely knowledgeable and helpful. We spoke generally about upgrades and it was helpful that John had a TT and has invested in many upgrades. It was really a pleasure to speak to John and to ultimately do business with a small American fabrication company. I decided on the 2.5" quiet exhaust based on John's recommendations for my needs. I am very pleased with the new sound and openness that my Porsche now possesses. It is a very different car and much more throaty and responsive. My IPS installer said that he has installed several competitive exhausts ranging from $3K - $10K and that this exhaust was as well made as any he had seen, easy to install, and sounded great! I highly recommend Speedtach to anyone considering this upgrade. If you have any questions, John can assist you. During the decision and purchase process, John often responded to my messages well into the evening EST. Highly recommended!

John K., GA

997.1 - Thanks John, The system sounds great. The workmanship on the piece is also quite amazing. Well done.

Amr H., MA.

996 GT2 - I had a SpeedTech X on my last GT2 and it was the first thing I added to my new one. Love the sound.

ST, Australia

991 Full Exhaust System - Full Exhaust System - It sounds GREAT! IMO, it is the right amount of sound under load and cruising. Of course the slight backpressure burble is in there as well. I don’t know why anyone would drop 1K or more on another system. It’s difficult to stop driving because it sounds so glorious!

A.P., Michigan

997.1TT 3.0 X-Pipe w/ 3" Dual Tips - John, I thought you were being a little optimistic with that statement ("it will compete with any exotic"), as anything is better then a stock or straight pipe sound, but my friend, YOU WERE NOT JOKING!!
I am so giddy to finish work to just drive home, my friend, it is insane - the tone, shriek up top, the friggen turbo whistling everywhere.... it is intoxicating!!! Well done, good job!!!! Thanks,

Bobby, Toronto 997TT

997.1TT 3.0 catless "RACE" style X-Pipe - Quick update on my Speetech exhaust! I just got my car back on Friday and I would talk about my other upgrades in another thread, BUT WOW THIS EXHASUT IS EVERYTHING I IMAGINED AND MORE!!

I knew I wanted another Speedtech 3" the moment I bought the 997, because of my 996T experience, but I wanted more shriek so I knew I had to go with the mufflerless version. When talking to John he told me that his 3" catless x race version can compete with any Italian exotic out there for sound! At first I thought, "well I know his exhaust transforms the 911 experience based on my previous experience, but compete with Italian exotics!", I knew he was just a little excited. WELL HIS STATEMENT IS TRUE and if I had to do just two mods to my 911 it would be this exact exhaust and flash and call it a day!!

I almost do not even want to record it unless it is getting the full spectrum of sound, because I do not want to rob anything from this piece of art! ....YOU NEED TO HEAR THIS EXHAUST IN PERSON PERIOD, RECORDING WILL NOT TO JUSTICE!

I went to pay my invoice from the Porsche shop (Autowerks) that did the labour so I can pick my car up later that night (as they would be closed). Well sure enough when I fired it up with a little throttle my newly installed ERP LWFW just flew the RPMS up to 4Krpm in a blink of an eye and the sound ....after I settled myself from the glorious sound, I almost wept with joy !! BULLSEYE, BULLSEYE, BULLSEYE it sounded so exotic, the tone, the rasp, THE SHARPNESS AND over all that exotic sound there is always a pronounced turbo whistle!!!....I immediately went against my judgement and HAD TO take the car for a spin...NOT TO FEEL THE POWER, BUT JUST TO HEAR THIS EXUAHST SYSTEM ROLLING!! I really can not explain how this has changed my car! From before I would just take the car out to feel power to now, I find my self just driving to listen and experience the quick revving (LWFW & EVOMS under drive crack pulley) and just listen to this sweet sound!

The shop owner that has heard many, many exhaust systems over the past 20years (in the Porsche world) and quite often costing 2-3 times more said he can not remember a better sounding exhaust, he also had to drive the car from his race shop to his retail shop and said it was so surprised of the lack of resonance & how drivable it was for such a free flowing exhaust system. The shop Service manager said HE HAS NEVER HEARD A 911 SOUND so good before period! He also commented that the quality is up there with those costing 2-3 times more.

I can truly attest to the above statements, it is a exotic sounding system that is loud(you can drive it quiet if need be) and cruise on the highway with out drone! It has all the right sounds that fit a car that cost ($200 000CDN new) and when you wind it up through to 7K it shrieks and barks with a razer sharp sound that send shivers down your spine and A BIG DAMN SMILE ACCROSS YOUR FACE (seriously I had a smile so big driving this car, almost giddy about the sound I was getting out of this flat six, people might of though I was crazy!!)!!

I have had the car for a couple of months and people have took a quick look at the car before (I DO NOT SOLICITE ATTENTION!!), but since I got the car back with this exhaust I have had many unsolicited thumbs up as I have been revving it up in parking lots to get over speed bumps etc. I was at my friends wedding and the groom wanted to get a drive in my car, so he brought his newly wedded wife in the car. When I fired it up with a little throttle, the way the sharp racing note assaulted the air waves, I quickly had many people looking and giving praise of the sound. My friends wife is not into cars like her husband and as soon as we started driving, her first comment is how nice the car sounded!

I personally can not see anyone not getting this exhaust over anything else (my opinion) after hearing it and it mannerisms!! It sound damn exotic, with ALL THE RIGHT SYMPHANY OF SOUNDS & NUANCES, in the back ground you and everyone else is always reminded that it is a TURBO with the pronounced turbo whistle and it is unbelievably street able.

If you want it quieter with out loosing too much of the for-mentioned I can see you doing stock sized tips (I did the FULL 3" DUAL TIPS THAT DO NOT NECK DOWN) OR even his 2.5 version of this. For me the 3" is just DARN PERFECT!! I left my uncles home around 12 at night and I just drove off with sport button off and kept RPMs low without a problem, BUT when I drive my car for 90% of the way I want it is amazing & must be experienced in a 911!

John, I would like to say after years of unparalleled great customer service and creating this piece of art, all I have to say is "BULLSEYE!!"!!!!



996TT 3.0 X-Pipe - Hi John, I had the 3.0 X-pipe exhaust installed on my ’04 911 TT Cabriolet last Friday and let me tell you I am one happy camper. You tube video’s and sound clips just do not do your system any justice. I knew the X-pipe was something as soon as I went to pick up my car and my guy pulled me aside immediately and had a little grin on his face. Originally he seemed apprehensive because he never heard of Speedtech and threw it off as some internet sensation. But now he is a believer.
He fired it up and all I could think of was WOW so this is what my Turbo was meant to sound like. The sound was raw, unadulterated and like nothing I have heard on the street. As I left the shop with a huge smile I noticed my Porsche tech standing at the end of the drive so he could listen as I drove off. My immediate observation driving the car was the noticeable increase in responsiveness and low end power from only a simple exhaust upgrade. Then I opened it up for the first time and, holy cow, the exhaust was so aggressive and loud, reminded me of the Cup cars I recently saw at the local race track. What an impressive piece.
The next day I went to a local informal gathering of Porsche enthusiasts. As soon as I turned the corner heads began to turn to see what was coming in. I parked and a number of 911 owners came over to praise the sound and ask what exhaust I had. I even had a number of guys stick around until I left so they could follow me on the road and have a listen. I spent the whole weekend cruising, enjoying my “new” car and looking for underpasses so I could really crank it up. What a pleasure. My family, including wife and 4 and 5 year old sons love the sound and can’t get enough of it. I need to drop the top so they can hear it that much more. The sound only gets better each time I go out for a drive.
From the cold start to the “gurgling” on deceleration to the aggressive and intimidating sound at WOT, we love it all. Thank you and your team for creating such a fantastic piece. I couldn’t find a way to put this under the testimonials on your website, so I will leave it to you if you wish to do so.
Peter, Canada

996TT 2.5 X-elevator xhaust w SpeedTech K24/18G turbo upgrade and Softronic Tune - Hi John, happy new year! I have been away for a week or so...Car runs fantastically. Real fast...
1.3 bar, wheelspin in the dry (never previously).Crazy stuff, thanks for your help.


Nick R., Australia

997.1TT 3.0 X-Pipe w HJS cats - Hi John , just wanted to let you know that I love the exhaust ! Have to drive with the window down all the time just to listen to it !

Pat D, USA

997.1TT 3.0 X-Pipe, catless RACE version - For those of you who haven't be following my struggle, i have spent the last 7 months researching new exhaust for my 997 TT. I Have watched countless youtube video's, and talked to members from as far away as Dubai about their setups.

I was looking for a very specific sound and I'm very picky. As a previous Ferrari owner, i waned to find a system that would combine the two, yet sounding distinctly Porsche with very little Resonance. not an easy task.

Im very pleased to report that I couldn't be more pleased with my decision to go with John from Speedtech, who I found as a sponsor on here and rennlist. He was amazing to work with, and the results are AMAZING. I literally feel like I have a new car after 7 years, and the smile on my face when I first heard her start after install was apparently big enough to make people who were watching, think I might get stuck

The results speak for themselves, and i was so excited, I didn't even let them put the bumper cover back on before taking a video.


RZ., CA.

997TT 3.0 "RACE" X-Pipe - John, Picked the car up this afternoon from my tuner. Had the clutch, cold air, tune, coilovers and the speed tech installed. I cannot find the proper words to describe the violent and intoxicating sounds this exhaust is producing. It sounds 1000% better than I expected. I attached the sound clip which is my tuner doing a 3/4 throttle rip up a bumpy road by his shop. I drove home about 20 miles from my tuner and I almost crashed a couple times from smiling to hard :)

I'll get some better video and send to you for your site.

Seriously, John. You are a maestro. I lOVE LOVE LOVE the exhaust!

Best, Derek

997TT 3.0 X-Pipe with cats - Well John you out did yourself with this exhaust. I can not stop smiling. Sounds amazing. I love the way it has a small rumble at idle and then the beast wakes up with the throttle. It's sounds like an exotic car now in my opinion. The best part is the turbo whistle that is now noticeable and loud.

As far as the tune the words of my wife "holy crap that was sexy" as she grabbed my leg to hold on as she was slammed back into her seat.

Eddie, OK.

997.2TT Catless RACE X-Pipe Exhaust w/ 3" QUAD TIPS - Ok... I'm a grown up man in my early 30's. But I'm jumping around in my car and smiling silly! John, the car sounds sick! I mean, it growls, barks, screams, ..... and ..........too loool

You guys created the perfect sound note for the 997.2TT... I'm not sure anyone can match it! I've heard louder setups... I've heard more quite setups .... but the note of music is something else.. every time I floor it I grin :)

Feel free to add it to the testimonials on your website loool... may be clean it up a little. Hahahahahaha

Ali, Dubai

996TT 2.5 X-Pipe - John,

I just wanted to send you a quick note that the car is now back on the road from the accident. The bumper and cosmetic repair went perfectly!

As for the exhaust....I am absolutely in love with it! Your recommendation was spot on. Incredible sound when really stretching its legs, without being punishing at low load/speed. No drone I am able to find, even with the windows up. I only was able to drive it this evening about 30min, but I am very happy with the purchase. You have an incredible knowledge of the product, and its fit for your customers. Your excellent communication through this process was second to none. I will admit was a little apprehensive of the round tips in the oval cutout, but it looks so at home with OEM quality and actually improved the appearance. My father saw the car today and commented on how good the tips look, and he is very difficult to please with vehicles.

My shop was skeptical when they pulled the exhaust out of the box and there was no muffler. They gave me a look like "oh you poor soul, this is going to be too loud", however they were impressed with the sound, and even more with the fit and finish of the system which went on perfectly from what they said.

Thank you so much for creating this great exhaust. I am now in love with the car again after the bitterness of the accident!


996TT, 2.5 X-Pipe - Many of you will notice that the exhaust was replaced with a Speedtech 2.5 X-Pipe with 100 cell cats, no mufflers. I can honestly say that John D's reputation for being a true class act did not dissapoint. He was very quick to answer my emails, and get the X-Pipe on the production schedule to meet my repair times. He even took about a 30 min phone call with me to discuss my sound requirements. John was spot on will all of his recommendations. Thanks again John, it was a pleasure!

MB, Ohio

996TT, 3.0 X-Pipe -

John, WOW. I really wanted to say thank you for making such an awesome product. I got the Xpipe and was immediately struck by how nice of a piece it is - great craftsmanship. The install went very smoothly and the first startup brought me back to the first time I drove my 996tt, except this time with sound as it SHOULD sound. It's perfect; the 3.0 xpipe couldn't be any better. It's not too loud, it's perfect. I was hopeful it wouldn't be too loud (coming from an RX7 that was) and it's as advertised - raw, exotic, and characteristically Porsche.

Thanks again - I'll be singing your praises.

Colin, CA
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